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We have several plans:

✔ $275 - Pay the full amount

✔ $50 – Reserve your seat with a $50 deposit and pay the rest on Day 1 of the class

✔ Payment plan #1: Deposit $50, then 3 payments of $117.50

✔ Payment plan #2: Three (3) payments of $95

Unlimited Access to NCLEX-PN® Video Lectures

Medical-Surgical, Maternal-Newborn, Psychiatric, and Pediatric Nursing

In addition to our UNLIMITED 2-day Amazing Live Review, you will have 200-days access to unlimited Medical-Surgical, Maternal-Newborn, Psychiatric, Pediatric Video Lectures. We have hours and hours of lectures to ensure you pass the NCLEX at first sitting. We specialize in making difficult concepts EASY!
Unlimited Access to NCLEX-PN®  Video Lectures

Unlimited NCLEX-PN® QBank

Our NCLEX-PN QBank Software mimics the real NCLEX

With over 1,500+ challenging NCLEX-PN style questions, this QBank is a must! Created by experienced nurse educators, we provide detailed rationales and answers for both correct and incorrect answers. Videos and pictures are embedded in the explanations to enhance understanding. Create your own exams, and then take our Readiness and Diagnostic Exams.
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Unlimited NCLEX-PN® QBank

NCLEX-PN® eBooks and other Resources

Question & Answer Manual, Visual Mnemonic eBooks and Companion Worksheets

All Video lectures have accompanying companion worksheets. Other Resources include: Test-taking strategies workshop videos, Question & Answer Manual, QBank, Easy Pharmacology eBook, and Visual Comic Mnemonic eBook. Our eBooks help with content and enhance critical thinking skills.
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NCLEX-PN® eBooks and other Resources

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