About Us

NCLEX Reviews are very important. You have spent a lot of sleepless nights, money and time getting to the end of your program. Many colleges and universities pay for their students, but for most of you, you will have to pay for one yourself. As nurse educators, we were tired of sitting back and watching our students pay $400, $500, and even $600 for one Online NCLEX Review. We wanted change, and so 247 Nurse Tutors was born! We came together with one goal in mind - to provide high quality NCLEX Reviews at a price our students could afford. The results have been outstanding. Students around the country have been passing the NCLEX at first sitting. For less than the price of a meal, we bring you the best for less!

  • We are a team of dedicated and experienced Nurse Educators

  • All instructors have Graduate degrees in Nursing, and extensive teaching experience on-campus and online

  • Our goal is to work with nursing programs to enhance the education of our future nurses

  • Provide affordable and revolutionary 1-to-1 high quality tutoring to all nursing students

  • Create a learning environment where knowledge is created and shared through workshops, seminars, and 1-to-1 tutoring